Voorbrug Sekondêr

Voorbrug Sekondêr

Voorbrug Sekondêr is a public secondary school located at Voorbrugweg, Voorbrug, City Of Cape Town, 7100 in Western Cape Province, South Africa. The School’s post office box number is at Posbus 3048, Delft, City Of Cape Town, 7100. Voorbrug Sekondêr is an ordinary school specializing in ordinary subjects.
The school is a Section 21 school meaning it is allocated finances by the department and is responsible for ordering stationery, textbooks, paying water and lights accounts and undertaking their own maintenance with ABCDE functions and classified under quintile 3 as a no fee institution. According to a survey conducted on the year 2016, the school had a total population of 1272 learners served by 36 teachers, making a student-teacher ratio of 36:1. The school’s EMIS number is 107323845 and mail box address at Posbus 3048, Delft, 7100.

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Matric Performance

In the year 2023, the matric class of Voorbrug Sek. obtained a pass rate of 76.4 %. Below is a detailed breakdown of the school's performance from 2020 to 2023.
Year Wrote Achieved Pass Rate Progressed
2023 144 110 76.4% 5
2022 134 96 71.6% 3
2021 163 123 75.5% 5
2020 117 72 61.5% 9
Disclaimer: These exam results are unofficial. For official results, please visit www.education.gov.za. Discrepancies, if any, are not the responsibility of this platform. Verify results through the official website for accuracy. Thank you.


School Info

NatEmis: 107323845
Quintile: 3
Exam Dept: Not Available
Specialisation: Ordinary School


Neighbourhood: City Of Cape Town
Suburb: Voorbrug
City: Voorbrug
Province: Western Cape

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