Phutikwena School

Phutikwena School is a public combined school located at Stand No 400 in Limpopo Province, South Africa. The School’s post office box number is at Po Box 40. Phutikwena School is an ordinary school specializing in ordinary subjects.
The school is a Section 21 school meaning it is allocated finances by the department and is responsible for ordering stationery, textbooks, paying water and lights accounts and undertaking their own maintenance. it is classified under quintile 1 as a no fee institution. According to a survey conducted on the year 2016, the school had a total population of 1134 learners served by 29 teachers, making a student-teacher ratio of 40:1. The school’s EMIS number is 996606605 and mail box address at Po Box 40.

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School Info

NatEmis: 996606605
Quintile: 1
Exam Dept: Department Of Education & Training(Det)
Specialisation: Ordinary

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Understanding the adolescent brain

Adolescence is period characterised by many emotional and physiological changes as well as significant changes in the development of the brain. Part of the problem in misunderstanding our teenagers lies with us, the adults, as we assume that when our kids begin to physically look like an adult, they should act like one too. This is a mistake.

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