Hoërskool Ben Viljoen

Hoërskool Ben Viljoen

Hoërskool Ben Viljoen is a public secondary school located at Voortrekker Street in Limpopo Province, South Africa. The School’s post office box number is at . Hoërskool Ben Viljoen is an ordinary school specializing in ordinary subjects. Hoërskool Ben Viljoen School.

Welcome to Hoërskool Ben Viljoen, a parallel medium school in the heart of the Loskop Valley. Here on our beautiful scenic terrain, immeasurable creativity, effective communication, countless extracurricular activities, and mind-building opportunities are offered to make every learner grow socially, spiritually, and emotionally.


Schooling is no longer just a given. It is an investment in your child’s future and you as a parent have the choice of which school will best meet your child’s needs. With us, the learners, the staff, and the parents form the unique heartbeat of the school. Academics form the cornerstone of our school and your interests and needs are important to us.. 


We are very proud of our school and its rich tradition. Our mission is to give each learner the opportunity to reach his / her full potential, and in collaboration with the family home, academically, physically, mentally, and psychologically prepare the learner for life after school so that they can complete their studies after matric, and enter adulthood as full-fledged, well-rounded young adults.

Throughout history and across cultures, education has always had two main objectives: To help learners to act wisely and to help them to be good – and CHARACTER is necessary for both. – Lickona

To claim that we can have responsible citizenship and a civil society, without first building good CHARACTER, is like believing that we can have trees without roots, or flowers without petals (Heenan).

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Matric Performance

In the year 2023, the matric class of Hoerskool Ben Viljoen obtained a pass rate of 95.2 %. Below is a detailed breakdown of the school's performance from 2020 to 2023.
Year Wrote Achieved Pass Rate Progressed
2023 125 119 95.2% 0
2022 123 121 98.4% 1
2021 130 126 96.9% 0
2020 132 126 95.5% 0
Disclaimer: These exam results are unofficial. For official results, please visit www.education.gov.za. Discrepancies, if any, are not the responsibility of this platform. Verify results through the official website for accuracy. Thank you.


School Info

NatEmis: 996606537
Quintile: 5
Exam Dept: Transvaal Education Department(Ted)
Specialisation: Ordinary


Suburb: Groblersdal
Province: Limpopo

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