Secondary English Teachers - UAE State School - R990,000 tax free

% Current SACE  teacher certification/registration 2+ years recent experience teaching the subject matching your bachelor…;s residence but you won’t know the exact location until teacher orientation. Dependents : Teachers, once their residency…

Job Location: Cape Town, Western Cape


Edvectus is having a job opening, apply now.

Job Address & Location

The current job location is at Cape Town, Western Cape

Job Opening Date

The job was posted on Mon, 12 Feb 2024 18:31:04 GMT

Contract Contract

The job offer is a Contract employment type.

Full Time Employment

The current job offer is on Full Time basis.

Job Application Link

Click here to open the current job opening.

Expected Salary

The expected salary offer for this job is R990000 - 1300000 per year

Minimum Salary (ZAR)

The minimum salary offer for this job is 990000

Maximum Salary (ZAR)

The maximum salary fpr this job offer is 1300000

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Posted on March 3, 2024
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