Head: Division of Student Leadership and Development

concerned with research at higher education levels. Associate Professor: A doctoral degree on NQF level 10 in Health…

University of the Free State

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Job Address & Location

The current job location is at Bloemfontein, Free State

Job Opening Date

The job was posted on Thu, 14 Jul 2022 22:36:34 GMT

Permanent Contract

The job offer is a Permanent employment type.

Full Time Employment

The current job offer is on Full Time basis.

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Expected Salary

Expected salary not specified for this job.

Mimimum Salary

Minimum salary not specified for this job.

Maximum Salary

Maximum salary not specified for this job.

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Professor / Associate Professor (Permanent; with 5 Year term as Director: SLCA)
Posted on February 18, 2024
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in African Languages
Posted on January 21, 2024
Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer A765
Posted on January 16, 2024
Professor Critical Education Studies and Pedagogy Education
Posted on January 4, 2024
Associate Professor/ Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Psychology of/in Education
Posted on December 10, 2023